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String Figures is an audiovisual album collaboration between Zoë Mc Pherson (concept, sound) and Alessandra Leone (visual story and direction).

A transmedia piece in 7 chapters merging organic & electronic worlds,
folk & the global digital space

String Figures is inspired by the ancient and current practice of ‘Cat’s Cradle’ all over the world

Figures as leisure game, graphical art form, medium for storytelling, chanting, connecting to one another and spiritual expression

A continuous weaving of Strings approached with hypnotic sounds, mathematical choreography, subliminal landscapes and otherworldly journeys

Zoë Mc Pherson & Alessandra Leone make tactile meditations associated with a certain twist of the string

Each chapter explores a symbolic axis around which liminal transformations occur

From the unknotting of the opening to the final transmission, the movements of String Figures coil around a sonic memory



Zoë Mc Pherson (°1990, FR/UK/BE)

is a composer, vocalist, performer and String Figures’ artistic director.

based in Brussels. Fall 2017 is the kick off of her transmedia project “String Figures” with an avant-premiere in Brussels and an album release in March 2018. Zoë is Beursschouwburg’s associated artist during years 2016 and 2017 where she curated a future folk festival and premiered String Figures. The past years she has made anthropological researches about Inuït culture, Kurdish feminism, and the practice of Cat’s Cradles (String Figures). In 2018 she will compose the music for choreographer David Hernandez’ new piece “Vox”.

Alessandra Leone (°1983, IT/DE)

is a visual artist, trained (motion) designer, graphics designer, self taught programmer and filmmaker producing multi-disciplinary work. Her research focuses on emerging technologies and analogue/physical processes to produce imagery that pursues new aesthetic and techniques. In 2012 she funded intermedia performance collective StratoFyzika. Alessandra met Zoë in November 2016 to work on the audiovisual album. They have since then become a passionate and workaholic creative direction team as well as real partners of the overall String Figures project.

Falk Schrauwen (°1991, BE)

is a percussionist based in Brussels. Growing up in a multicultural society gave him a basis in different styles of music. During his studies at the Conservatory of Rotterdam, he got passionated about latin culture and music. Traveling to Brasil and Benin allowed him a further understanding of the Afro-Brazilian and African percussion. He brings his own additional polyrythmical touch to the project and forms together with Zoë an ideal blend of organic

and electronic sounds on stage.

Ichi Go 擩悃 (°1983 JP/DE)

is a dancer and improviser from Japan now living in Berlin. She learned Dance in California as a child, then with Mieko Fuji in Tokyo. She has worked for Operas, butoh dance, and regularly improvises on the streets wherever she travels. Ichi is one of the two creatures within String Figures audiovisual album. She runs her own digital choreography project “Electro Kagura” mixing traditional Japaneese dance, digital painting and live electronics.